Protecting Custom and Borders through phone data analytics

Global trade, internet and borders opening have opened vast opportunities not only to private corporations or simple citizens, but to criminal networks too.

Today drugs, counterfeit or contraband goods enter our countries through a variety of ways:  sea ports (usually containers, high-speed or even sailing boats), airport hubs and road (freight lorries or "Go Fast") often drowned in the huge flow of  legal imports or passenger transit.

Organised crime and mafias of various origins often control this illegal traffic. These organisations are  structured, complex to understand and often use sophisticated schemes and technology reinforcing the need for global cooperation and mutual assistance among Customs and Border agencies.

To keep on top of these fast-evolving threats, Customs and Border agencies are constantly adapting and  intelligence plays a vital role in understanding these networks and  their modus operandi to ultimately identify, disturb and dismantle them. Cells phone being so ubiquitous, the analysis of phone traces is obviously an intricate part of this work and Mercure, our expert tool in phone analytics is a great asset to Customs and Border agencies.

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