Telephone data virtually present and valuable in every case or intelligence work

Whether small or high profile, regardless of the crime type, phone traces can play a role in virtually every case or intelligence work in the hands of Law enforcement agencies

Often, however this valuable source is not really or fully considered for two mains reasons:  technical difficulties linked to the instability or volumes of data at hand or  a lack of awareness of what potential leads or information this may bring.

Another common misconception is that this type of work requires highly trained IT specialists and therefore often ignored for lack of such resources. 

 It is to adress these different challenges that Ockham Solutions has specifically designed a dedicated software solution called Mercure.

This best-of breed analysis solution is intended to be used by investigators and analysts from a wide spectrum of investigation units, including but not limited to Major Investigation Teams, Criminal Investigation Departments, Anti-drug, Serious  Crime, Organised Crime and Intelligence Units.

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