A smartphone hidden in a cell is the modern-day hacksaw inside a cake

In most countries, cellphones are strictly prohibited in prisons, even sometimes for top corrections officials. Prisoners found with one are exposed to various punishments. Yet  illegal cells and wireles device are legions nowadays in prisons. Phones can be smuggled in by guards, visitors or inmates with lower security restrictions.  And technology is changing life inside prisons at the same rapid-fire pace it is changing life outside.

In many cases, infiltrated cell phones play a role in gang violence and drug trafficking orchestrated online from behind bars. In other cases, cells have been pivotal in many prisoners' escape attempts.

For corrections security  and intelligence personnel, it is therefore critical to quickly analyse seized telephone device to correctly identify, assess and mitigate risks linked to this new reality.  Forensic extractions of memories and SIM cards provide the basis for such work. Mercure bring the analytical meaning through targeted associative, temporal, statistical and geographic queries that allow to draw conclusions in a timely manner.

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