A best-of-breed solution dedicated to phone analytics

Today, cellular technologies can provide investigators with numerous clues and investigation axes. Mercure V4 is the fourth generation of Ockham Solutions’ dedicated software application. It specifically addresses the needs of telephone communication analysis.  Our expertise, recognised by thousands of existing users in France  and abroad, has made Mercure a standard in the field of telephone  investigations in Police, Customs and Borders, and other government  agencies. Multi-purpose solutions facilitating the analysis of  itemised billings (a.k.a. CDRs), cell site dumps (a.k.a. BTS logs) and  mobile phone memories and SIM cards, Mercure is now the tool of  choice for investigators and analysts in specialised and transversal units.

The Solution’s Key Strengths 

A fifth-generation intelligent import engine

Standardised number formatting

Automatic processing of sources

Itemised billings

BTS logs

Cell References

Memory and SIM card extractions

Subscribers’ identities


Tracking and SatNAV device Allowing

Optimised data uploads

More reliable analysis

Significant increase in productivity and results

International format support

Over 1200 data formats automatically recognised

Extends analysis scope beyond borders

Critical in international trafficking and organised crime cases

Supported countries : Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Addition of new territories based on commercial opportunities.

High call volume management

Ability to efficiently deal with all investigations, irrespective of size or complexity.

Suited to high profile and national threat cases containing up to several hundred millions of calls.

High performance queries on large data sets.

Deeply embedded domain expertise

More than 100 key features to manage most complex investigation techniques and use cases

Large array of correlations between itemised billings, cell site dumps and extractions

Cell Site Analysis

Middlemen search

Phone line profiling

Handset attribution

Modus operandi search on crime scenes

Proximity search

Meeting points

Groups on crime scenes

Recon detection

Shared IMSI/IMEI between suspects

Patterns of life detection

Close entourage identification

Gang members’ synchronised behaviours

Repository queries

Simple and easy-to-use User Interface

Ease of use and simplicity make the application accessible to a large panel of investigators and field officers

Standard training limited to 3 days only

All functionalities available in a few clicks

Built-in investigation queries (no programming language)

Numerous content visualisation techniques

Link charting

Common numbers charting

Cell site profiling and mapping

Temporal and spatial analysis

Call locations geographic display

Call density and heatmap analysis

Itemised billings geographic matching

Prepackaged analysis reports

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CDR display
CDR display
Aggregation by Area - SatNav
Aggregation by Area - SatNav
Common Numbers
Common Numbers
Meeting points
Meeting points
Communication Profile
Communication Profile
Locations on map
Locations on map
Synchronised Behaviour
Synchronised Behaviour
In Zone Phones
In Zone Phones
Links between Phones
Links between Phones
IMEI/IMSI linked with phone numbers
IMEI/IMSI linked with phone numbers