Mercure Standard User Training

Standard user
Training code
3 days
Teaching content
Theory & Hands-on labs
Training type
Public or Private on-site
Max participants
10 per session

This comprehensive training course is specifically designed for LE personnel new to Mercure. It provides them with a 360° view of the software through theory, hands-on manipulation and a series of practical cases including data management, analytical techniques and output reports.


To access the list of scheduled classes in your geography, please contact us.

The different topics covered

  • Introduction to telephone analysis
  • Terminology
  • User interface navigation
  • Item imports
  • Results window and pop up menu
  • Importing identities and cell site dumps
  • Built-in queries
  • Hotlists
  • Additionnal options
  • Non contextual menus
  • Data retrieval
  • Better work together